Empty Streets

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People often think that beautiful people, rich and beautiful people have it all. I used to think that with beauty, youth and power I could be able to get everything and anything that I wanted. I have to admit they did take me for a ride while it lasted. In the end though something felt like it was missing. What I found missing was love. I didn't understand it back then and I am still trying to grasp the meaning of this term even until now. I am not a stranger to relationships, now that I have gone through my 12th and I guess people look at me and say am still counting. Right now at 27 (yes am finally getting close to the age that most post 20 people are going through) I am feeling that I need something more than all the parties, the drinking, the outrageous trips and not to mention all of the wicked and wild sex. I feel the need to belong to someone, a family of my own. Its not something that I thought I would ever feel or dream of feeling, somehow it just hit me. I know that others have felt this way before, but to actually get to experience this emotion if that is what you can call it is actually mind blowing. People need people is what I have always heard and I thought that all this could be filled up by my friends. I love my friends and that is something that I would never ever change. But there is something that even they cant give me. Jade my best friend once told me in a retreat that we did as a group said it the best "I get fulfilled with you guys but when I need someone there to bug in a way I cant bug you guys I need constant emotional support and that is where the person I am committed to comes along".

I took me awhile to get to absorb what she just said. It took me a long while. I mean think about it, the emotion of love that people like my friends call is something that they themselves cant put into clear contextual definition. Fear, anger, hate, guilt, sadness, depression, happiness, bliss - all these are emotions that I have learned and studied as a psychologist, now put in the emotion of love and try to get a clear meaning from people they would end up describing it terms that mixes all of the previous emotions that I have mentioned. Though in the end I find that it is that which I don't understand is what i most seek.

Going back into the topic, now knowing that this thing to be loved by someone, loved unconditionally for who and what I am set me to look for it. Everyone knows that you have to love and respect yourself first, and to tell you honestly it didn't take me too long to figure that out (:)) and now to translate that as an emotion of caring for someone other than your own is what is important in finding that person. But even with this knowledge, somehow my past and who I am made it difficult to do. This being said I either ended up finding people that were intimidated by me or was afraid of trusting me. Others loved me but wanted me to change, "I love you as you are but please change" is what I would mostly get from them. And that I don't get. It kinda gets to you when this type of thing happens and it does even to my friends.

We started a bit of soul searching - in a car in a parking lot in tagaytay hahaha- and its true, all you have to do is ask and you will truly find what your looking for but, it has to be truly what you want and with the people that you value the most. In the time that we did this something great happened. We found the Secret - not just anything you would think of in terms of strangeness and not mysticism, but through fate as you might say. The universe in a sense taught us something - a law, its law - and from that day on we started seeing a change in ourselves and in the people around us. It was baby steps at first, then soon enough we started to learn to run with it. Ideas started running through our so called idle minds. One of those ideas was to help heal people that were just like us.

The Idea and realization that there are a lot of beautiful talented people out there that have gone through a lot of soul searching looking for the perfect partner that would love them as much as they loved themselves. To find someone that they could truly be a part of, a family. Cause within every human regardless of who they are end up in an empty street sometimes. A place where they feel completely alone and lost with no one there for them. In our own search we found the answer to this. And the solution will soon be presented to the world.

We are ready to share this not just to our friends and loved ones, but to everyone. If you are reading this and feel that you can actually relate to the things that I have just mentioned here, come back a couple of times. You'll never know - the answer to your questions and longings may be within these pages.

One thing I can share for now - The answer to your pain is in your mind for you are the master of your world and with your hands you can choose to create the most wonderful things.

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