What you resist persist

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I just learned a little something new the other day. Ever hear of the saying that what you resist persist? It's like when you don't want something and I mean you really don't want it you end up getting exactly what you don't want.

One of the most common things that I have observed based on experience to make a point is - have you ever complained of not having enough money, and not only that you end up complaining about how bad your job is, the bills that you have to pay and the fucked up (pardon my term) relationship that you always end up in? If your answer to this is yes then I recommend that you take a long hard look at what your actually doing. After which continue reading on.

Now that you have had time to contemplate about the bad things take its now time to think back about the good things that you have experienced. Do you remember the time when you wanted something so badly that you would do anything and everything you would to get it? Like that time when you wanted that new phone, a new dress, a party and even the person that you had a crush on in the office. You'd think about it all day and not only that you'd find yourself taking action and doing things to get it no matter what. Eventually if you look back you'll see that events in a way lead to you obtaining what you have always wanted. Looking back did you notice how easily it came to you? And this I believe without a doubt that you would answer yes to this question.

The thing am pointing out here is that you do have the ability to get what you want when you really want it. Thanks to what you perceive in your mind. What you put in your mind as long as you feel passionately about it will happen. So if you see yourself in a particular situation eventually you will end up in that situation. The issue is that this works for the things that you don't want as much as it does with the things that you want. What you mind focuses on is what will eventually take place. Think about it, we put our attention on things that we hate and they stay, because we pay attention to it. But when we ignore it, eventually it disappears. We put faith in things and they gain power, we take our attention away from it and it vanishes. People talk about the war on drugs, terrorism, crime, and so on, the more we believe in it that it exist the more power it has. We learn to focus on the things that are good say peace, happiness, contentment and we get it.

It's a whole new mindset learning to see the good when we feel that there is none. Learning to be appreciative of ourselves and the things around us is the key. We attract what our mind thinks exist. So many successful and influential people know this secret. People in the silver screen, musicians all started like us and are no different from us. What was different was that they used this change in mindset - to focus on the positive to focus on what they want that is good and ignore the negatives that helped them through and get what they want. They envisioned themselves living their dream lives and believed it is already happening to them. It gave them the power to change their world. This is something that you can do too.

Instead of focusing your attention on the bills that you have to pay, the horrible people in the company that you work in, the sucky relationship that you keep on getting yourself in - learn to see and pay attention to the good things that you have focus on the money that you have and the money that you will be earning, see the good things that people have in them and show how appreciative you are of it, understand the person that you love and see the reason why you loved them in the first place, then you use that positive happy feeling to visualize how you want things to be, how you would be able to make a difference in how you want things to be. Eventually you will see how things change before your eyes the way you see it in your mind to be.

A famous person once said "if you say that you can or you can't either way you are right" And to tell you honestly we can do anything for anything is possible. If we can send people to the moon and back what else is left to stop us.

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