Angel Complex - For The Warriors of the Light

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Protecting people in need, your family and loved ones. Upholding truth and justice for those that can't. Wielding a sword, fist and pen to accomplish that which your soul seeks to achieve. Throughout all this keeping a strong faith and belief that all things comes from everything, including those that others would view as a tragedy. If this is who you are then you are someone that I would call as having an "Angel Complex"

I write about this not to say that it this is something that you have to be embarrassed about let alone be wary of. Quite the contrary really. In this day and age we need more people like you. Angels on earth is what most people would call your kind. A title in which you should be proud of.

The road to this awakening though has been tough for many that have sought it. Often times trials confront your kind and the universe doesn't seem to hear your call let alone your cry. There are even times that the world may weigh heavily on your shoulders. During these times you find yourself at the cross road of faith. A test of whether you would relinquish your wings for a tail. A moment when you have to decide to use your gifts to bless those around you or to find yourself using it to smite them. Times like these have a powerful influence on your soul. People have called it a trial by fire. It here where you have to decide to burn or to take a stand and control the raging flames.

As you become more aware of these things, your choices and sense of purpose start to form. For some it is a slow process, others break free and take to the sky quite quickly. Difference is found in the strength of will in acceptance and alignment with the truth. The truth that you are in charge and in control of the events that occur around you and the truth that you are limitless. The secret to finding this truth has often been said to be from within. This is undoubtedly true. For inside of you is a voice that calls out to you, it seeks your audience. It is locked away in the confines of your soul waiting for you to open the door and let it out. Where's the key? This you may have asked yourself several times, sometimes it equates to the strong desire to break free from the invisible chains that bind you. If you took the time to search your soul you'd find that you've always had the key. Many wise men, famous avatars from our past to the present, from Jesus, Buddha to the likes of Mother Theresa have all spoken about it. Leaders like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, they have all shared the knowledge of the key that opens all doors and breaks chains. Clues have been dropped like bread crumbs for you to find. The key is and has always been the things that make you truly happy. For in the pursuit of your bliss, doors will be opened where there were only walls.

It is this happiness, that goodness starts to reign from inside. Empowering you to create magic and miracles. Through this you will find another truth. That all humanity has this same potential. That all men are destined to choose their own path to become a raging demon or a righteous angel. By living this truth you are now in the position to become a beacon to others that are still at the cross roads. For in this dark world we are the light that shines bright for all those that are lost. Be proud of your choice. Our work isn't done, not until there are are still people out there that needs to learn to keep their wings and be to taught how to fly high.

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My name is not Jc! said...

I want an article that will mention my name! and the the rest of the gang N. not included! We are happy batch!!! We love gettin drunk! We love our trainors! Metz and Alexi!

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