Empty Streets: Improvisions Made

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Due to public demands and feedback from my readers I have made a lot of inclusions to Empty Streets:

People - Places - Things have additional quick links to sites that are of exceptional interest from Paulo Coelho, links about The Secret and to the now popular and reliable Manila events tracker ClickThCity.com (they have info and access to all the current movies and happenings in Metro Manila).

There was also a weekly survey added that touches topics and views that may be of interests to a lot of people. I think that people's views, tastes and opinions matter because this is what constantly shapes our world.

For those abroad there is also a link Remit2Home that allows you to send money back to the Philippines to your loved ones from any part of the globe that you may find yourselves in as well as an online currency converter that can convert over 164 different currencies.

To those that love to dine on the go check out my Food One Stop Shop. You shall find the link to the most popular take out food places in town from Mcdo to Monster's Pizza (YUM!).

For the Techno savvy people Laptop deals and Best buys is now available and featured, it is also the best place to get your friends and families affordable gifts that is truly worth your money.

Finally for those that are constantly entangled by the several internet windows that you have to open up, I think it's high time that you install Firefox 2(they are now working on a further improved web surfing application - Firefox 3). It has made web browsing truly future friendly, with their patented easy tabbing and toggle features saying goodbye to all the hassles of going through window after window while you're searching and enjoying the benefits of the net. They have already made an excellent track record, not to mention a tie up with two of internet's search giants Google and Yahoo. Added bonus to Firefox is the now fast growing chat provider Meebo, as it is now working hand in hand in improvising the benefits of chatting and web surfing.

These are just a few of the things that I have done for all of my avid readers and friends. I hope you continue to enjoy and endorse my writings and as a promise I will continually do everything to meet your demands while I write the things that keep you as inspired and motivated as you go about your daily routines. As always remember: FEEL GOOD :)

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