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The world in a way is getting more and more connected. When you want to learn about a different culture and get immersed in their richness all one has to do is to simply plug in their laptop (if you don’t have one check out the trend watch ads here on my page, they have the best and cheapest deals not to mention it gets delivered right at your door step no hassles at all), connect their wifi, and surf the net. Once set up properly the world is simply at their finger tips. Search engines like that of the popularized Google and Yahoo have become favorites for searching information. All you have to do is type in the search page the things that you seek and viola there it is, pages upon pages of data to help you get a grasp of what you are looking for and trying to understand let alone experience.

Just today I was introduced to a peculiar yet catchy Japanese term: kawaii. Though hearing about it wasn’t enough for someone with a particularly curious mind, so like millions of people all over the world I “googled” it (a new house hold word which simply means to search in Google). To give a brief background on the word that sparked this data hungry entity – it is a word used to describe something small cuddly and cute, but in a sense also entails something deeper for the user is also overwhelmed with a deep warm heartfelt feeling. Presently, that word just like “googling” has become far more commercialized and in a way “fashionable”.

Here is the best site I found that best speaks of kawaii in the modern age:

All things Kawaii:

This website is the best place to go and check out like it said in the link all things kawaii. Here is the main header for the website to best describe itself - All Things Kawaii, the original links directory site dedicated to everything cute on the Web! Here you'll find a variety of "kawaii," or cute, web sites, with things like adorable cartoon characters, tiny, bouncing icons, and other fun stuff. Browse any of the 725 sites currently listed in the directory, or share your own with fellow kawaii fans by checking out our LiveJournal community.

Thinking about it, being that it is November, it’s about time for us to do some pre-Christmas shopping and what better thing to give this festive season than a cute kawaii gift. Its pretty cool to see them kids (in body or just in thoughts J) smile on the upcoming seasons. Plus you get to give them a bit of culture in the gifts that you give. With that being said I think the Kawaii culture is true to set off and it’s certainly something that we can’t call a fad, it’s a life style.

You have to admit it was cool learning about something new especially if it’s literally in the palm of your hands. Though, nothing beats experiencing something upfront and personal. Who knows I might just pop into Japan one of these days and get a bit more immersed in this so called Kawaii movement not to mention all the other fun things I may get to learn along the way. If your interested in traveling like me am sure that you’ll understand the thrill of getting exposed to the world. Besides, getting to travel right now is a lot easier than it was years ago. Even getting tickets in this day and age is all in your fingertips. J Remember, if it is something that you truly want to happen all you have to do is ask and the world will open it’s doors for you.

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