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I believe that happiness is the key to success. I believe this with all of my heart. I believe this because I have experienced it and I am living it to the fullest. A lot of successful people have said this time and time again. If you feel passionate about what you do you will do it well. If you have heard of the law of attraction this will be clear to you. If you haven't let me explain a bit further.

Let's take a normal day, you wake up and find that you feel like you woke up on the wrong side of bed. You feel grumpy and frustrated about how things are at your work and the people around you. Things just doesn't seem right today, all that you have are complaints and conflicts. An argument with your boss begins a report doesn't get finished on time and all that you have accomplished seems like they were futile. Sounds familiar?

Now let's change this, upon waking up you find a sense of peace and comfort. You feel good about yourself and confident about how the day is going. You hold on to the thought of being happy and all you think about is how wonderful your day is going to be. Even if the bus is late or your schedule is tight you hold your cool. You find yourself smiling and you start noticing that people are smiling back. Your co-workers are responding positively to you and when you present your work to your peers they are in full attention and passionate about what you are recommending. You find that you may be a bit late in your needed report but because of that sense of confidence and good nature you found the courage to ask for a bit more allowance and it is granted. You have a cup of coffee and it taste absolutely phenomenal. By the time you get home all you have is a good feeling and not to mention a good sleep.

These two scenarios is what we work with everyday. Our day is influenced by how we feel. What we send out to our environment is what we get. If we focus on the things that make us sad and frustrated that is all we see and all we get. But if we learn to see and focus on what makes us happy and hold on to that we also get and attract the things that makes us happy. I don't believe in fate that things are the way because of chance. If we have the power to control our thoughts our emotions then we have the power to control how things work out for us.

I like to travel, to write and to help people. I like it because those are the things that make me happy. Because of that I look and get the things that bring about that opportunity for me. Life isn't hard because I do the things that I love and because I focus on what I love to do it is brought to me. I attract it, like a magnet. If you say you can or you can't do either way you are right. We have the power to change the way our world is. What ever our mind conceives it is achieved.

If something is feeling bad that only indicates that there is something out of alignment with what you are focusing on. Looking back in the past articles that I have written, I have mentioned that what you resist, persists. So if you learn to put all your attention and emotion on the things that you want instead of the things that you don't want that is what your going to get. Aside from that it is going to give you all that happy, positive feelings and emotions. It'll attract more of it from the world around you. Think about it, if you smile at someone (sincerely at that) you will get the same honest response back. If you show an angry, frustrated look at someone you get that in return. Kindness begets kindness, love is reciprocated by love, these are just the seemingly small things that show my point. Happy feelings will bring you happy things as long as you keep focused on what keeps you happy.

A lot of you may say to me that this is a hard thing to do, that the world is a negative world. You may even say that the situation right now is terrible for you, that you are caught up in a rut that you feel you cant get out of. If you keep on saying that then my friend you are absolutely right. I can also say with utter confidence that you can pull yourself together and do better. Life isn't all that bad to you. A lot of people have experienced what you have and probably even worse. Your situation is not unique and others have gotten out of it and is doing great in life.

Here's the secret - look back in your life, right now is it really all that bad? I am sure and positively confident that somewhere in that dark space of a life you have there is something good that has happened, there is something great that you have achieved. There are countless things that you can be grateful for. Make a list of that, and soon you'll find yourself feeling something warm and bubbly inside of you. There are so many things that have happened and is happening that is actually making you smile. Take those things and be grateful for them. Use that to change your state of mind. Then look at the things that you feel bad about and wish to change. Don't focus on them, focus on the opposites, focus on the things that you would want and see yourself living that dream. Envision that and take it for a ride. See yourself living that life that you have always wanted. You will find that if you pursue all that which gives you bliss the universe will open doors of opportunities that you have never noticed to be there when you first looked. Always remember life is good especially when you learn to feel good about it.

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