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This is a new era for human kind. The time when our technology merges with our humanity. Where our lives are now intertwined with everyone and everything around us. Where we learn to connect with others in a way that is far deeper and more comprehensive. A period where understanding, information and knowledge is easily accessible through the push of a button. An age where imagination and reality no longer holds any distinction. Whether you seek to accept it or not is fast becoming and long over due. Do we make the stand to get locked up in time or do we advance with the world? Do we take a step forward or shall we fall back? How you want to live it depends entirely on your choices and the consequences of which are quickly realized.

Take a second to glance around your environment. Nothing but techno gadgetry surrounds your life. It has enhanced and improved the quality of living that you find yourself oblivious to the thought of surviving without them. We utilize these things without second thought and in a sense is second nature. We no longer rely on just our gray matter to create the world that we choose but we integrate them together. Mind and matter has never been so interwoven that one cant be without the other. We give consciousness to the things we use and they in return wield their power and serve their purpose as we have chosen for it. Learning to accept this has been a challenge for many and but not an impossibility. It has churned a question of self evolution or need I say extinction. People that have chosen to turn with the tide of the times have taken the high road and those that haven't end up looking on in awe and amazement.

I believe that we should learn to embrace this phenomenal change though, at the same time we have to stand firm to guard that which keeps us human. We have to learn to deviate from becoming completely mechanical causing us to forget about who we are and the people and things that we care about. Technology was made for one purpose, and that is to make our lives more enriched and quite frankly easier. It was never made to give us power over our fellow man let alone to give us an excuse to be anything but human. You are still responsible for the actions that you take and if you think that sacrificing that aspect of who you are for the sake of misconstrued ideologies, I would have to tell you upfront if not someone else will. You are already perfect the way you are, losing who you are in this would never be worth the deal. Learn to use technology to bring more beauty and appreciation in life. Learn to create a world that people would admire and follow instead of one that would cause pain and regret most especially on your part.

This is our responsibility. We are humans that evolve to be better than what we are now, but losing that which makes us humans that which is our core to begin with can we still call ourselves human? Think about this for a bit. In the end, the choices are still yours to make.

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