A Time of Gratitude

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This week has passed so quickly. A lot of things have happened in this short period. A lot of happy things and some minor bumps along the. This is a day though for saying thanks to the good events that have kept the smile on my face. Things that I am truly grateful for. In the tradition of the secret.

I am happy and grateful now that:

1. Fiona is healthy and is proving to be a very resilient and intelligent kid. You are truly a blessing to all. You shall always be loved.

2. Author House for shedding light in matters about publishing and getting my book out. That call was exhilarating, knowing that in my heart this is a place where I can find fulfillment for my dreams.

3. To Fiona's daddy, thank you for bringing me into your lives, for showing me that there is someone that sees me for who I am and loves me regardless of what he has seen. I am forever grateful for both of you.

4. For the sale of the property that me and my family has as it has increased in value and has provided us with more than enough to sustain our lives and more than likely till the next.

5 Nash and my siblings are as solid and positive about life and are achieving all that they have desired. Believing in the future and holding on to your dreams. Never forger that which I have taught you guys.

6. Jade and Nina, you have always been the bestest friends one could ever ask. You are family and nothing can and will ever replace you in my world. We have the vision and passion to match our strength of spirit and beauty to top it all. Prosperity, wealth and happiness is at our doorsteps all we have to do is take a step to get it.

7. All of the wonderful trainees that I have had the chance to train. Each one of you are a blessing in disguise. Every moment that I have spent with all of you has been enriching and seeing your smiles as you start achieving your dreams and goals have made me truly proud. Remember that all you have to do is learn to keep those beautiful smiles and all that you have wished for will be knocking at your door.

8. My colleagues and friends in the company, my stay here wouldnt have been as colorful and of course enjoyable without all of you. May we see more of what we want to happen together and may we find the strength to change things for the better. Courage of heart and strength of spirit is what we must always hold on to and abide.

9. All that I have met, new acquaintances and new friends, meetings were never by chance. We were drawn to meet by something inside each one of us. Nothing is by chance. Stay true to your wants and who knows how far we can fly.

In all this more is to come. Its close to a year's end and opportunities are abound. Grab your sails and see how far we can go. Life is beautiful and all is well. Your alive and that in itself is a blessing. It is our chance to make a difference, the choices we make, our wants and desires define our lives. This is your world, its a world of your making. Now all you have to do is dream and I believe that all shall dream well.

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