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I am currently at the brink of completing my first novel. I simply found myself at the keyboard of my trusty Neo (that's my laptop's name - I think giving names to things makes them more alive and since I started doing that there hasn't been a single gadget that crapped out on me yet), and my hands started with words that eventually became sentences. Paragraphs gave way to chapters and before I knew it my novel was coming to life. A lot of people that saw me typing away in the coffee shops, at home, and in the bookstores have looked over my shoulder out of curiosity have been entranced by the words, the scenery and the action their eyes chanced upon. Of course this made me happy, so happy that I kept on writing, typing away. They asked me how in heaven was I doing it, how is it possible that as they look at the way I was working on it that I never seem to be stuck up and I was just simply typing away. I looked at them and smiled. I really didn't know how I was doing it. All I know is that once my hands had touched the key board, the world around me starts to fade away and vanish and the world that was unfolding before me was the world that my mind and hands were unveiling. I was the protagonist, I was the antagonist, I was the supporting characters and most of all that was my world. Page upon page, chapter by chapter, I was living the life of the main lead. I was him and he was me. I felt his fear, dilemma, pain and hope of triumph. I guess one could say that I literally pour my heart and soul, infusing the pages with blood and spirit. As a matter of fact that is what I do in everything that I write. Even as I am writing in the pages of this blog. For it is here in writing that I found my peace, my tranquility. I think about the authors that have inspired me and thought about what they felt, did they feel that same entrapment, the same bliss that I did when the words, the sentences, and the pages unfold and is magically brought into reality. Authors like Paulo Coelho, Mitch Albom, John Grisham, Neil Gaiman, and so much more. Were they all lost in the pages, in the thoughts, in the world that they created? That in fact all that they have written wasnt really about the characters, it wasn't about what the readers would see, but rather it was their little Secret Garden.

This is what I pondered about when I found time to pause and come back to planet earth. When I lit my favorite ciggy (smoking really can be bad for your health - though i have to admit it does get me relaxed when my senses gets a bit out of order) I looked up into the sky and tried to talk to the stars looking for answers. I've written it once before ("thoughts become things") and I did get the answers. I wont tell you what or how the universe gave its response, the law of attraction states it anyway that the how is the job of the universe and all that you have to do is ask and be in alignment with what you want, however what I can tell you is that my book is getting completed and that things are moving into place. What I have always wanted was to share my world to the everyone, and giving them a place to escape in my creation is my goal. In the end seeing them all smile after the last page has been turned is what gives fulfillment my soul.

"Everything that passes through fire never comes out the same, however you have the choice to come out as a beautiful diamond or simply turn into ash" -Metz-

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Jhie Cruz said...

I always live inside my secret garden, where I always find serenity in my solitude.Things turned upside down now, there is this brilliant mind who read my soul and entered my little secret garden. It is really a miracle!My TELUS experience is not an accident but rather a choice that leads me to where I am going to get in touch with my soul.
Metz, your blogspot really inspire me a lot. Thanks for the inspiration that you are to me. Now, I have another angel to be thankful for.God bless you always!And may the heaven shower you more blessings!Mwah!

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