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People complain a lot about the things that they don't want. How they don't like the job that they have, the house they live in, the bills they keep on getting in the mail, the love life that they have or in a lot of cases what they don't have. If I were to make a book of things that people don't like I would have endless chapters and book sequels. Quite frankly I think a lot of people would actually spend time and money to read a book that highlights topics such as these. Eventually, a lot of other people find themselves in a miserable pile of more things that they wish they didn't have. Why people put up with this kind of life I honestly don't know, but what I am here to show you is how you can get out of it. That is only if you are truly interested to.

Think about how you have set yourself up internally. What are the things that predominantly occupies your day to day thought. How do you feel today? What was the mood that you were in when you first got up out of bed? These things are important and I'll tell you why in a bit.

Notice how when things are in harmony, how easy, and comfortable your day had been when you start the day in what a lot of people would "good vibes". Remember that feeling when someone that you really liked, make that love, says the they love you just as much. The work that you did, the tasks that you had to go about on your day seem to be "magical" and that things seem to work out ever so well. Now let's turn the events around of which I have already emphasized in the beginning, and if you were to put logic into a somewhat algebraic equation am sure that you would have noticed a correlation between that of what you feel, how you feel, with that of the events that takes place next.

To put it quite frankly, and with this I may get into a lot of people's personal space when I say this. If you find that your day isn't going so well, that you have been having all of the things that you really don't want. Even the mishaps that seem to have happened by chance. You are the one that brought it on to yourself. Equate it to the examples aforementioned, take into account your life experiences, reflect on the events of the day. It's true that there may be times in the day where something may have turned out completely off from what you may have expected but if you let your emotions turn on the negative side you won't be able to see the lessons of good that were meant to be there in the first place, not to mention the things that were supposed to have popped out preceding that would have totally been rejected and ignored cause you ended up focusing on that one event.

Learn to find that there is good in all that we do and that happens to us. Learning to appreciate the things that we have to be grateful for opens the door for more beautiful things to come into our lives. Unfortunately, this also works the other way when all we focus on is that which gives us feelings that are negative. We are the masters of our world, you are the creator of your reality. If you can see that you are in charge of the rules of how things should be and how you want it to be then I would be the first to congratulate you. For you have mastered your life. If not, all it takes to take conscious control of your emotions, for it is through the heart that we can tell whether or not we are in alignment with that which we truly want. Unless of course what you truly want is all that negative stuff you were originally complaining about. The choice is yours to make that is why free will has been our greatest gift. Fate and Destiny have never and can never be an excuse for your misery and for someone else's glory.

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Anonymous said...

hey! really like your blogs!! they remind me so much of a friend of mine who also shares the same views as you. somehow i have this strong feelin that you 2 should meet...

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