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I have been through a lot in terms of career development and growth. Interviews are definitely a part of that. Whether your new to a company and trying to get in or your already in trying to move up. People have often asked me how I got to where I am right now, and to tell you honestly all I say and truly do is keep a cool head and a sincere smile. Being positive and true to who you really are is definitely essential in getting where you want to go. It is also necessary that you fully understand where you want to go and who you want to be affiliated with. Once you have that figured out the rest is simply a breeze. Knowing that timing and confidence have a key in the success of an interview here are some tips that you must also consider to help boost those interview points:


Preparation increases confidence. Practice with your friends or relatives. Remember that everyone who is interviewing is not necessarily a good interviewer. Ask around, and try to look for experts and subject matter experts to enable you to gain necessary info on the type of industry, work, and job requirements you may have to brush up on or encounter.

You may prepare by reviewing magazine and newspaper articles. You may check out their web site. Read your resume before your interview. It will keep your answers fresh.

Research and Timing

Find out the location of organization. Make sure you have a map or directions as well as information of the nearest railway station. Do a little research.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Arriving early will give you the opportunity to read some information on the company in the reception area.


Professional look always helps for good impression. Be careful about your dressing. Be aware of the company culture and ensure you dress to impress. Pay a visit at the office for interview and company inquiries and take note of their dress codes. This will give you an edge as it shows you fit in.


Never interrupt the interviewer. Listen carefully as you risk giving a bad impression.

If the interview is being conducted in a restaurant, mind your table manners. If the interviewers are serious and soft-spoken, then you should be same as interviewer. Research have found that people are attracted to others that show the same attributes, use this to your advantage, but be careful not to look unnatural and end up seemingly mocking your interviewer

Positive Impressions

A smile and a bit of good humor will definitely go a long way. End the interview on a positive note. The hiring officer only needs see that you are completely interested, enthusiastic and excited about the position and the company.


Expect the interviewer already knows your current salary and benefits package based on the background and experience you have presented to them. When the topic of salary comes up say that you know and trust that they will make a fair offer.

If you are offered the position during the interviewing process and you want the job then accept it. If the offer is not acceptable for any reason, ask for time to consider the offer.

Behavioral Do's
  • firm handshake.
  • sincere and direct.
  • Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.
  • Read company materials while you wait.
  • prepare for questions and listen carefully to the interviewer.
  • Ask about the next step in the process.
  • Thank the interviewer.
  • Learn about the Human Resources Analyst Program and understand the different facets of human resources.
  • Be prepared to talk about anything you have included on your resume. You should be truthful about your experiences and skills.
Behavioral Don'ts
  • Don't show depression or discouragement.
  • Don't start with topics like salary, benefits or working hours.
  • Don't look at the time.
  • Don't take extensive notes.
  • Don't be too serious.

Following up

Always send a thank you note immediately after the interview. Summarize your qualifications and how they meet the expectations of the position you are applying for.

With all this in mind and a clear head am sure that things will go well. Always remember to trust your emotional guidance system. If something feels bad and you can't seem to shake things off, take time to contemplate and see if that is truly what you want. In the end you might find something that would truly be worth your time and not end up in a career trap.

Always keep in mind: FEEL GOOD

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eileengarcia01 said...

Dear Metz,

I an expat here in Dubai and I really like your articles. Can you write something about buying a property in the Philippines for expats? I really wanted to buy a property there but can't come home till next year. If you can give tips and DOs and DONTs, that would be really nice!


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