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I am a self confessed mall rat and with the recent security threats I had to rethink a lot of things about how I go about my mall business. The most recent was that of the the Glorietta 2 incident which affected the entire section of the popular Ayala mall not to mention the entire Park Square adjacent to it. With this in mind I started a mission to check on how safe things really are and how thorough security is with their procedures.

My investigation had me going to Glorietta, Greenbelt, SM Mega Mall, Market Market and Bonifacio High Street. At first I observed what type of security system they had and most of them had a simple guard at each door and a stick to poke through most baggage. There were roving K-9 Units that were supposedly trained to sniff out anything anomalous. There were only a couple that had their guards equipped with an electronic detector which they held or the kind that automatically beeps when passed through similar to those that were implemented in the airports.

Thankfully the main mall entrances were covered by these people, but what bugged me was how lightly they took the people that were coming into the malls. Some would have the image of the things that they were supposed to look for and identify as suspicious. They would let the women with kids pass and as well as those with christmas boxes. They would simply have the customers open their bags and take a quick peak if and when these people showed no sign of resistance, they did it out of candor. They would sometimes do a body check and that was it. The sniffer dogs were around sometimes to check on the cars at the main lobby and were assigned posts where most of the foreign guests would be. Though I am truly grateful that these people are diligently checking and showing an image of security for the people around us, but when I see that the guards are starting to tire out and falter as the number of people they had to check and go through pile up by the numbers its no wonder that there are a lot of people that they just simply let pass. I especially don't like it when there are people that complain about these security checks and they pick at the meticulousness of the security they had to go through. The guards that encounter these type of people give in sometimes especially if they start to see the line increase.

Did I find a security flaw, a gap, a loop hole in the areas that they have positioned their security? Unfortunately I have. It took me by surprise that there are places which had no security oriented like those posted at the main entrance doors. I won't highlight these areas, nor will I tell which mall had these type of flaws for security reasons. But they do exist and I am alarmed at the threat that these security breaches may pose. If a mere citizen can clearly plot out and identify these holes in security I am frightened at the what terrorists may be seeing (thankfully I think most of them are just simply ignorant and are using means that only makes people look against them rather than see their real cause).

I would like give a salute to the guards that have diligently ensure our safety no matter how snotty some of the customers may be. For those that complain about how meticulous and annoying these checks may be, even though you may think they don't know what they are doing I suggest you take a second look and think about how things may be without them, anyways do you even know what to look for if a bomb was presented to you? I seriously doubt it. If you think that all the CSI and military movies can give you the knowledge and equipment to understand what it is then I would have to advise you to plug it up cause this is the real world and the silver screen is simply a show, besides if they were already shown on tv I am sure that they would have developed something that wouldn't catch the same attention for the general public unless of course they really are that stupid.

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Anonymous said...

I think you had a good topic but it could be written otherwise. Sonewhere I was expecting a turn around enticing the reader to go and read more...but I had to stop.It was dull, not that I wanted you to do a word calisthenics just a good combinations of words.if you try to read back, they are monotonous and redundant.

Metz said...

I really appreciate the feedback. Topics like such as this are an area that I really need a lot of help in writing.

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