Motivational Leadership

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I have gotten emails and requests about leadership. My experience as a consultant and learning specialist has given me the opportunity to experiment and play around with the different methodologies expected of a manager. For you benefit I have highlighted 6 characteristics of a highly effective motivational leader.

1. Give Constructive Praise

Being too hard on someone who is already down. Harsh, undiplomatic words and approach only destroys the desire to improve. Find a positive approach to coaching and feedback. Always remember to praise in public but when the time comes to reprimand, reprimand in private.

2. Set Clear Expectations and Performance Targets.

Never assume that you your people know exactly what is required let alone is expected of them. If you are not clear about what and how you want things to be done, you will find them unable to find inspiration to perform well.

3. Create the right atmosphere

Cultivate a working environment that imbibes excellence, fairness, respect, creative problem solving and open communication. Involve them in your plans and visions, solicit ideas, keep an open mind. Enabling your people to become a part of the process makes them more passionate about the way they do things.

4. Provide the right amount of challenges

People have the need to feel growth. Give them the power to speak their minds and challenge ideals to enable them to find creative ways to do things more productively and efficiently.

5. Role Model

If you don't know how to make their day, don't know how to make their day, don't expect them to show allegiance to you. If you don't respect their views, neither will they respect yours.

6. Have Fun

Creating an enjoyable work environment, bringing enjoyment and variety helps cut stress, raise productivity and fosters loyalty equating to less risk of attrition, which we all know is costly to any type of industry.

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