My Thoughts on Suicide

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I have heard a lot of news about people commiting suicides in the past couple of months. It wasn't something I would have expected from a laid back country like the Philippines. I believe that a sense of urgency needs to be raised and addressed about this topic. A few years back I only heard of one or two acts of suicide and not one of them were any where near my vicinity nor around my friends. This time though it's a different story for the news came from my close friends.

Suicide is definitely not a laughing matter and a lot of people tend to brush this topic aside. Others even joke about it and mock the people that have either attempted it or the people that have actually gone through with it. I know a lot may think of them as either stupid or pathetic. All it takes is to get to know the person and you'll find out that these people are really no different from you or me. There are a lot of books and articles about the signs of people that may have the tendency to commit suicide but none of them are a true guarantee.

Suicide is caused by one thing alone, it is the individual's lack in the ability to cope with stress - typically things that are distressful in nature. They are not stupid or crazy, these people simply were pushed to their limits and noone cared enough to help them through. People like this may often joke about commiting the act of suicide, others may subtly say that he/she is tired and through with life and that there doesn't seem to be anything that was worth it. These are silent cues to a soul crying out for attention and more importantly "help". Often, these are people with a lot of pride and would be the last person you would ever consider to ask for help. All it takes is to simply hug them and tell them that there is someone really there for them that you actually see them break down and let all of the pain out.

This isn't a disease either, it is a symptom of something deeply rooted to one's emotional strength. Family background, environment, friends, even IQ are simply nominal factors that affect a person's disposition to this deadly act of self aggression. Therapy works, but finding a good and caring friend is even better.

People that joke around and think that they have the right to maime and pull against people that have done it or attempted to should think twice before they mock them. Suicide comes in dfferent forms. It's an act of killing oneself to escape the realities of life as they perceive it to be. It is not only a blade or a drug that can be used as a tool for suicide - alcohol, smoking, speeding, and any type of addiction that is self destructive is a form of suicide whether it be quick or slow.

I personally hope in a way that this gets to a lot of people. Not in a negative way, rather as an eye opener. Everyone has the right to live and enjoy life - it's a big beautiful world, all one has to do is to simply learn to stop and look around. If you find that you got lost ask for help before it is too late.

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