Power of Tragedy

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Learning to find strength in tragedy has been a topic that I have been contemplating on since the past couple of weeks. My friend from an institute we were trained in has recently passed away and the threat of things to expect for the rest of us came after that. Then there was the earthquake, several bombings and coup threats from where I'm from and things weren't really looking good for the country. Yet somehow throughout all this a lot of people still have learned to move on.

I have learned in the past couple of months to focus on the things that I want rather than paying attention to the negative aspects happening in life. It is not that I ignore them, I definitely acknowledge their presence and the impact they have in the lives of others. However, I have realized that if I simply focused on the things that affect me, emotionally, socially, and physically then I wouldn't be able to see the other things that were out there that could actually help me alleviate these negative entities that have encroached in my life. By learning to look for what good would come out of a tragedy, such as an increase in awareness, the call for unity and peace, we are empowered to make this world, our world something much beautiful than it originally was.

It is true that things happen for a reason, but learning to see that everything is all good all the time including times of tragedy enables us to clearly see the possibilities that could come out of it. For sometimes it is in tackling these things with an open mind, that the greatest good is often created and realized. Also, It's alright to cry, it's only natural for you are after all human. But for your sake, the people you love, and those around you, find it in yourself to see beyond the challenges and trials and look for meaning and purpose. It is here that you find definition in who you really are and where you will be going.

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