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Writing an effective resume is not a simple matter. It's something that has to be well thought of and done with a lot of care. It's a medium in which we sell ourselves, our skills, and services to companies that we wish to be associated with. For all those that have tried to get a job you know this as a fact. A lot of people have wondered how easy it has been for me to get a job. The first step, is always making a good first impression. That is what your resume does. Here ar some tips and tricks to remember when you make your resume, things to get your resume to stand out and be noticed:

Objectives - This is a vital part of the resume, it should be placed right on top of the front page like a newpaper header. It is here that you have to show your eagerness and reason as why you want to join the company and obtain the position that you are applying for. It here where you have to sell your positive attitude and show that you have done a little research about the company and position you are determined to fill. Don't forget to also build up the company as well when you talk about them.


To be able to further broaden my experiences and find personal development in a top class company such as "name of company" and at the same time show that I can be more of an asset for it. I believe that as you go through my work experience and background you shall find me suitable to become a part of your growing business.

Major Accomplishments - You are in the process of selling yourself. The best way to stand out from the rest is to prove and show to your prospective client/company your worth. Making a chronological list of accomplishments is definitely a guarantee to get you noticed and short listed. It is also important to take note to make sure that what you place here is truly note worthy and relevant to the needs of the company that you wish to get noticed by. Awards and improved statistical contributions through creative and innovative practices made for previous employers would be the best way to start. Remember this list must match and be relevant to the profile of the post your are applying for.

Work Experience - Work experience is definitely important in a resume, but simply placing the timeframe of where you worked and what position you held is not enough. This is the best place to input your accomplishments and job responsibilities you had. This is where companies can quickly assess your skill sets and job competencies.

Trainings and Certifications - The more you show your qualifications and things you have been certified for, the more attractive and prioritized you become to companies. This would tell them that you wouldn't need to undergo specialized training that they normally may have to pay, in short they save money if they hire you up front as compared to those that they may have to consider internally and still have to work to put them at a level of competency that you already have.

Skills - a quick run down of your skills is a neat way to cut the time needed for HR to scan and analyze you. It also shows them that you are efficient and effective not to mention considerate. Be careful not to go over the top with this one as you have already highlighted a lot about yourself in the first few pages.

Interests - provides a reference of personality to the person reading your resume. The more diverse and interesting the more they would want to get to know you.

Finally, a lot of people tend to have a resume that is either too short or too long. Remember you are not submitting a Bio Data nor are you applying as a novelist (even novelists don't present themselves in that long) It has to be just enough to show who you are and why you are the right person for the job not to mention the company. A good 4 - 5 pages would suffice. References can be held upon request and please make sure that you have everything you need to back you up.

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