Client Satisfaction Tips

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To determine the way your client is feeling, pay close attention and listen to his or her tone of voice, pitch, rate of speech, and volume. Some ways your customer might be feeling are cooperative, impatient, angry, delighted, or uncertain

Listening is one of the most important aspects of your job as a client service representative. Effective listening is not as easy as it may seem. There are listening distractions that may prevent you from being as good a listener as you would like to be. You may have difficulty listening if your customer is speaking very fast and has an accent. Overcome this barrier by politely asking him to please speak more slowly, or try slowing down your own rate of speech.

Focus on your caller. Try visualizing the caller standing right in front of you, and that you are maintaining eye contact, carefully listening to every word and giving him or her your full attention from the start of the call to the end. Small signs of acknowledgement or agreement such as “yes,” and “I see,” tell the customer you are listening. One of the best tools to help you accomplish this is to have a mirror right infront of you to allow you to see how you

Important Note! Take notes! Asking your customer to repeat information he or she has already given you does not portray the exceptional customer service you are striving to deliver. Keep a notepad and pen handy at all times. It isn’t necessary to write down everything your customer says, but do capture key facts and information.

A good attitude and the desire to serve your customers is the foundation to great customer service. Being friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, honest and helpful are just a few of the attributes to being a successful customer service representative. Make all customers feel important and give them your full attention. They will appreciate your positive attitude and YOU!

All too often, salespeople become so focused on what they want to say about their products that they neglect to actively listen to the customer. You may be asking, “Why is it called active listening?” Because it involves more than just passively allowing someone else to speak. Good listening requires you to actively concentrate, pick up valuable clues, and check your comprehension. It’s a workout for the ears and for the mind!

In service-oriented selling, preparing yourself mentally is just as important as knowing who to call and what to say. Psyche yourself up by focusing your thoughts and visualizing success. Say the prospect’s name out loud and try to see him or her as an individual rather than just a name on a list. Make sure your frame of mind is confident, upbeat, positive, and professional. You’ll come across on the phone as someone whom the prospect wants to talk to!

Aim for the top! One of the surest ways to achieve success in sales is to get in the habit of setting goals, reaching those goals, and then setting new ones. Transcend your previous accomplishments and feel the satisfaction of continuous improvement. Go for the inspirational goals!!

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