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Email has now become the preferred medium of delivering messages worldwide due to its speed and efficiency in delivering the messages one to send off. It is utilized in both the commercial and personal levels of society as it has proven to be a cost effective method of communication and all one has to do is get connected to the internet and utilize the services of several email providers such as Yahoo, Google’s Gmail, and Hotmail and much much more. However, as with all tools made by man it too can have a negative impact and one of them is spamming.

Spamming comes in several forms and most people would equate it to the unnecessary emails they get from companies offering services to things they hadn’t signed up for in the first place. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. For spamming is a term that can be used now for those unnecessary emails we receive from our friends, co-workers and even family members. Examples would be: Chain mails, email trails that are irrelevant to your work and quotes that have been forwarded from one person to another. It can impact the receiver in many ways: Time spent on sorting out which email to read and respond to, impact on storage space, and all the emotional frustration that comes along with the task of cleaning out inbox.

To help decrease these occurrences and lighten the stress of having to open your email here are three things that would be beneficial for you:

  • Screen dump your inbox
  • Count the time wasted on unnecessary information
  • Tell the time wasters (you need to be stern about it especially in the corporate setting)
The longer one spends in reading and responding to email correspondences the more time is subtracted from necessary taking action. Learning to be considerate to the one who will be receiving your email will teach others to be considerate of your needs as well. Take time to think before sending something out or eventually one will find himself in the receiver’s auto delete folder.

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