Job Hunting Tips: Choosing the Best BPO for You

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I have gotten inquiries about choosing how to choose the right Outsourcing company to work with. I guess with the industry mushrooming as it is around the metropolitan area, picking which of these would best provide the benefits of employment can be quitea dilemma. To help you out let's take a look at some of the considerations that one should be making before trying out and applying:

1. Location - this is vital most especially if you don't want to be spending half of what your getting entirely on transportation. Question like how accessible is it from your place of residence should be considered.

2. Safety and Security - think of the area and the type of environment that the company is set up in. It is rather difficult to work in an area that is known to have multiple incidences of security breaches and crime. The least you want to worry about is looking over your shoulder every time you head to work scared that someone might pull a knife or worse a gun just to get your hard earned cash.

3. Health care benefits - though the SSS is standard across the board for all companies, it would still be a plus if the company provides additional health care benefits from HMOs that are well connected. It can really help people on a tight budget if they get additional coverage for things that they might as well save up on such as dental benefits and hospital room accomodations. Also take into consideration when the HMO is available as some companies will only provide additional health care programs to employees that have been regularized.

4. Salary and Compensation - of course as with all things this is where choices are made initially on and I can't blame you for this is the core of your bread and butter. Getting a comparative analysis of what is being paid out from each company can be quite hard especially if your going to go at it by asking other agents or employees how much they are getting (there is a non-disclosure clause int their contract not to talk about their salaries to anyone ;)). The best way to approach this is to get a broader perspective on how much you are really worth based on what skills you already have. That is what you use as leverage when it comes to bargaining for your basic salary and benefits. Of course experience and years of service all fall into play when it comes to figuring out how much your really worth and sometimes it'll be like playing the numbers in the tiange of greenhills. Reaching an amenable compromise with the person that is in-charge of setting your salary base is definitely a must.

5. Ambiance - all of the things mentioned above would still mean nothing if the work place and environment isnt conducive for a good day of work. You are already working your ass off to ensure that you deliver the numbers that is required of you but if you have to put up with an unhealthy, unethical, and unprofessional work environment then the stress is never worth the pay. To find out about how a company is in this regards all you have to do is simply ask around and eventually trust your gutt instincts as you walk through the door towards your interview. If it feels good than more or less you'll know its safe.

Overall there may be other considerations that one could add in picking out the right center to work with but I do hope these five basic foundations will help make the choices a lot easier for everyone. Happy job hunting.

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