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It's yet another monday morning and according to surveys made by several people is one of the most hectic and stress filled day of the week. Well just to help out in determining how stressed you really are simply take a glance at the following images. The slower the better, the faster then you may have to reconsider taking a deep breath and count to 10. :)

And according to Darthmouth:

Managing Your Stress and Anxiety
The documents on this page are provided for downloading in Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Excel format. You will need to have Microsoft Office 97/98, or later, to read and print them.

What Is Stress?
Stress is a combination of physiological and emotional responses to an event. Some of the physiological responses may include:

Increased heart rate and blood pressure
Dry mouth
Tight muscles

Some of the cognitive or emotional responses include:
Negative Self-talk
Inability to concentrate

If you want to read more about managing the stress read more...

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BK said...

Those images are simply fascinating. How do they seem to be moving?

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