Through the Flames

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"Nothing that goes through fire ever comes out the same - it is though from within our power to choose begins - to become a diamond in the rough that sparkles bright or become a smouldering pile of ash that gets blown in a cold dark night."

This is a philosophy I came up with as a kid back then while being grilled to perform for an institute that pushed gifted youngsters to meet the numbers they believed were achievable. Another is "this is a dog eat dog world" became a popular saying for all of us that needed to be on the top otherwise become fish food and be called bottom dwellers. So much pressure to become something we didn't always wanted to be. A lot of them forgot that we werent just brains, they forgot that we were humans and more importantly we were just kids. In the end a lot of us simply broke down like little toy soldiers whose arms and legs no longer wanted to bend and play.

This little piece of me that I share here isn't just for show and tell. The fact is, our world and society around us has overlooked this fact. In the daily routines, we are unwittingly pulled into a repeat of this entrapment. Flesh and bones isnt all that were made of. We have a soul and spirit that empowers us and guides to go where we need to go and enables us to choose where we need to be. But the moment we let others dictate how we live our lives just the same way the institute did to kids like me in the past then we might as well become mindless robots that is controlled by a remote control. The outcome of which is evidenced in society today - stress that leads to psychosomatic syndromes that pop up inside our heads like little demons that haunt our very thoughts and actions.

Overcoming them isnt easy, by the way our world has been set up. Pressure coming from our peers, family and institutions unfairly dictate how we should live destroying the dreams we once had. The little voice of innocence is drowned out by the screams of the outside world. A conscience lost. Eventually we feel that twang of regret for time past and wishing that time would last. I must admit I myself am lost trying to find a way to fight back, to undo the damage that has been done. Something though has changed and is beginning to pull me in a powerful way. Somewhere in the dark recess of my mind a powerful calling has pulled its force into my life. A new philosophy is being understood and where it'll take me from this point only time will tell. "Follow your fate and you'll find happiness, Go against it and your reward be greatness" - which to take is the choice being asked. Which to follow is the choice that I feel I soon shall make. Makes me wonder about the others, one great teacher told me "man's philosophy shall determine his path without it a soul is lost", if all it takes to get through in this life of ours is belief then i guess the finality of this would be what do you choose to believe in. In my heart I hope that each of you that reads this has one.

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