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Its been close to six months since the conception of Empty Streets and I guess its time talk about the different pages that It comprises and of course to announce the soon to be part of the family of Empty Streets.

Here they are:

Reflections - Main page and Mother of the Empty Streets family, created as means to let out all philosophical thoughts and points of views that catches my fancy. Transforming itself as we move along to become the main editorial page of this vastly expanding network of blog pages.

Travel Life - Parties, places to be seen, places to go, sights and sounds you name it, where ever we go and travel it can be found here as you experience the world through our eyes and definitely meant to entice you to experience it as we do. We believe is sharing the fun part of life and in this journey there is definitely a lot to see.

Food Stop - if you want your palate to be tempted and be teased this is the place to go, quick recipes and cooking how to's are presented before you to ensure that you enjoy the food we enjoy and learn to have fun cooking them as well.

Techno Era - Techy stuff for out generations, useful, affordable, want to haves, must haves for to create a lifestyle of convenience and character for the new era. We're definitely going to show you the things that we ourselves find interesting in the tech world and show you the reasons why.

Call Center Life - Outsourcing is a new life style, its a career that has made a solid mark where ever you go. If you want to find out more and why this industry is doing so well this is the place to go. It is also a place where you will find how comical and fun it can be at times.

Party Music Central - If you work hard, it is a must that you find time to party just as much. Party Music has definitely altered the way we go about our task and is abound with good vibes. It is here you'll find the party music must haves and rising artists to look out for. If you love your Music come visit as it is a guaranteed spice me up.

And soon within the Empty Streets family - Reviews and Rants by my very own talented Sis Nash, Lens Men (title still being worked on) by my rising Photo Genius friends, and much more.

Stay Tuned as we start out transformation. Our goal here is not only to make Empty Streets a one stop shop, our goal is to make this place a way of life. ;)

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