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My Friend Jose and his brother has written a piece that I found Beautifully Eerie. It started out as a poem and was reworked lyrically. It has me wondering if anyone out there would be willing to work these words into an actual song. If you want to try it out hit me up and we'll get together with the author.

Here it is:

by: Flor Librero

The clouds are forming
And the breeze is swaying
The trees to whisper
A stormy weather soon

The sky now darkening
And the wind is churning
The placid stream air
For the storm has now come

Our life challenges
Shake hard strong spirit
Partaking turmoil
That surely makes us learn

For life’s a journey
To seek within and out
The real bond of peace
To bring us together

At peace with our self
And with other life beings
To obtain real peace with
Our creations and creator

by: Joby Chupungco


Wondering, cursing why the sun is missing
The blue sky gone amid cotton clouds forming
The rustling of leaves, the howling of winds
And nobody near to console my feelings


It seems that the sun is sure not to show
Its glorious radiance behind purple glow
Much as I want to fight angry winds
The storm is sweeping me away from home
REFRAIN: Search from within and search really hard
Never will you find peace with an empty heart
He is the peace that should come from within
Forever the sun will shine in your heart


Weathering the storm, I fell without fight
In pity I sheltered and tears blurred my sight
Searching for answers and begging for truth
But nobody nearby to give me some light


The storm, it grew to unleash its might
As I fear the end of my journey in life
Pondering hard through an agonizing feat
With empty courage that pierced like a knife



I laid down in tears and bewildered in awe
I searched hard from within, from out, to know
The path towards home, my family and all
Still nobody nearby to guide me and show


As I closed my eyes, reaffirming my fear
Resigned to my faith that nobody’s near
In the strange darkness I began to hear
A voice from within grew louder and clear



As I look up and stare from heavens above
Gliding and hovering was a graceful white dove
The warmth of the new sun is really comforting
As I see Him sharing His glory and love


When the darkness is gone like forever
Learning the truth is that I must never
Wonder and curse why the sun is missing
For it is He alone, who will answer my prayer


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