Mood Swings - Taking Charge

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Its been quite tough to take charge of one's emotions especially once all the vile sticky things of the outside world start to kick you right up your ass. Believe me I have had my days and more often than not being called a bitch on those days would have been an understatement. Cycling through my notes of past and from lessons learned somehow I have learned to quell these volcanoes of which I have just recently learned are also just as genetic as it is nurture thanks to my parents (love you guys although the temper swings do seem a bit over the rocker) can be and is in reality manageable. Here's a couple of things that I have found rather effective in times of predicted episodes of magnitude eruptions:

1. Get it out of your system - talk, write, talk some more. It matters that you verbally or through writing get it out of your system. If you don't it builds up stress and that is exactly what causes a volcano to be so destructive all because someone forgot to let the pressure out.

2. Get out - If something is blowing your top, stay clear from it. Out of sight is out of mind (well at least mostly). As long as you go to a place where you know you can breath.

3. Friends - Best friends are most suited for this job cause they know you and aren't afraid to kick you in the butt if you tend to be doing things a little over your head. And they'll kick you just the same anyways for the heck of it. Hey at least if gets the irritation out of you. :) It'll be the least they can do for your relentless ranting of course sometime you too will be doing it for them as well. :)

4. Earthly activities - that includes comfort foods, working out, sex (safe of course) and stuff that just makes you say ohhhh and feel satisfied in the end. Nothing beats release in that regards.

5. Support - finding someone that has the same emotional feelings and concerns that are related if not similar to yours allows you to ssee things in a more broader and enlightened way. Sometimes that doctor has to give the medicine to others before he sees how it becomes of benefit to himself. I know I have done this several times and swallowing my own medicine takes a lot of time. :)

With all these things am sure you'd find a mix that works for you, and yes I did say mix which sets the tone that you need to do more than one of these things at a time. Not only is it going to be a guarantee that something is going to work but at least if also makes your day rather interesting. I know it did mine. :) Muchos gracias to my therapist who apparently is one of my best friends (his name was with held as per request).

One thing though I do know for sure - learn to smile even at times when things go wrong. Besides its already bad, why risks making your face look the part too. :-D

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