Quick Tips In Managing Friends at Work

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In any work setting it is unavoidable sometimes for people to get into a friendship type of relationship that may or may not be of conflict of interest for you and the company. To help you out in these sticky situations here are some tips to follow.

5 Quick tips in managing your friends:
1. Set the ground rules from the start. Discuss with of your friends in private about how in the office business should be business. Set your expectation of them at work and that they should be professional at all times. Keep things pleasant but be firm, and indicate that rules still have to be followed.
2. Treat your friends the same as you would other employees. No better or no worse. This sets the tone in terms of office respect and avoids biases and conflicts
3. Don't take breaks or lunch with your friends too often, unless the other employees are also included in the group. You have to keep in mind that people are watching.
4. When evaluating your friends for raises and/or promotions, ensure that these are based solely on their job performance and that you have ample documentation to back them up.
5. Never discuss other employee's behaviour or performance with your friends at any time.

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Anonymous said...

Insightful. I also had to decide if I am to say good morning and good-bye to a friend who just started work at my workplace. In the end, as I don't go out of my way to say good-bye to the whole staff community, I did not to this friend. She has also been a gossipper before, so now, I am worried indeed!

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