California: 1,400 Homes Evacuated

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Apparently disaster after disaster of the natural cause seems to be striking our planet yet again. Like sheer retaliation of mother earth for her unruly children. Sad but it is true, as of this writing about 1,400 people in northern california have lost their homes to the forest fires. It has proven to be quite a challenge for the 500 firefighters that are now constantly battling the flames as it continues to spread. 336 of those evacuated were forced to leave for their sake and sent to a make shift camp in Watsonville by the Red Cross.

Good news though is that no serious injuries have been reported though the former actor now Gov Arnlod Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency for the Santa Cruz County.

For now let's keep our fingers crossed and let's pray for the safety of those that are afflicted by this calamity. Keep a look out for means to send relief and aid for these people. Till then hang tight.

Special note: Photos and more updates courtesy of MSNBC

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