China Earthquake 2008 Update: 51,000 death toll and still rising

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Its been over a week now since the massive earthquake struck China's soil. Even sadder is the fact that due to the difficulty of getting the amount of relief work needed to save lives the deathtoll has now sky rocketed to over 51,000 people presumed dead or missing. Even as of this writing over 29,000 people are still unaccounted for and over 300,000 people are left to fend to their wounds.

Total round up of the destructive nature of the quake was finally seen as an estimated 80% of the entire city and nearby villages were totally leveled to the ground.

The chinese government is now pleading for help as they currently need over 3.3 million tents to support those that survived this dreaded calamity. Currently they have about 400,000 tents set up and with the rough weather that is coming up this is much needed soon.

In the aftermath of all these events there still looms a dangerous threat as the quake has caused what most geologist would call barrier lakes. In this event about 34 of them were made and the stability of these lakes that were formed because of debris that blocked of major rivers could cause massive flooding to the already grief striken people. The high risk of flooding was further increased as the predicted rainy season is fast approaching in the month of June. A lot of those that would be threatened by these are being evacuated into nearby shelters.

For all those afflicted, our prayers and support goes out to you. Will keep you all posted. Till then xoxo

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shawn said...

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