Human Rights: Our need to be heard

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This has been a long standing issue amongst all nations. Many have fallen and cried and even died trying to set things right. People have sacrificed enough and a lot of us have to take the stand with the martyrs and ensure that all that they have worked for is recognized and remembered and more so honored. A white candle, a rose, a flag is all it takes to make a stand. It is when each one finally says it enough its time to take all these wrongs and make it right. A rally for peace is now our call - even the young have this at heart. How many more of people have to loose the things that are most important to them? How much more pain must these people go through to be heard. Even the earth is acting in retaliation at the way her children are bickering amongst themselves fighting over the resources that she so freely gives. How much more do we have to wait? Till the entire planet has been wiped out? Till the human race is finally extinct because of our foolish selfish acts? Here in these pages I take my stand, more so in action. Its time for war to cease, for famine and greed to be taken off our vocabulary. It is time for peace, abundance and fruitful sharing of trust and love. Only when we start to see how connected we all are maybe then we shall see that we have nothing to fear and that we have the whole universe to gain. Every faith and every religion cries for this same principle but yet many twist this to fit their personal beliefs and blinded egotistical needs. I believe that we are truly good and that circumstances has caused a lot of pain, a virus spreading across the world that we dont have enough, that we cant have enough.

I ask that all those that hear the cry of my very soul in this stance within these pages be touched. Many calamities have already struck and many have suffered, why should we inflict more pain amongst ourselves. I ask that you take your stand today and pledge to walk for peace, to stand for honour and to vow to make our world a better place. To have an open mind and see that our differences is nothing to be mocked but to be accepted as it brings spice to our existence. It brings us closer to the one who gave us our consciousness. A heart united with its soul knows nothing of the evil that exists only to destroy us, for within each of us lies a lamp of hope and that serves as a beacon for the lost. I now stand for you.
Join our cause: Unite for Human Rights

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