Preventable Deaths & Silent Killers

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Something I watched on television today caught my attention and it was rather alarming. It was a documentary of the leading causes of death across the globe and to be more specific the first world countries. It was shocking because most of these things are preventable and is easily fixed by changing the way they live their lives. I do respect people's choices and that they have that freedom, but if you think about it is it really something they would want to have? These habits that people have formed is far worse than someone being sentenced to death, at least those people know when they are going to die. I have to admit I too fall in a category and am now struggling to kick the habit. My sincerest apologies to those that will be reading and watching this article as some of the things that I will be showing here today may be rather disturbing. But being a psychologist sometimes it takes a life wrenching experience to pull people out of the ditch most especially if you got yourself in too deep.

Leading Causes of Preventable Deaths:

1. Smoking

What is in a cigarette

What happens when you quit smoking

2. Eating lifestyle

3. Sexual Activity

4. Alcoholism
A child's message

Alcohol: What it leads to

Tragedy of Alcohol Abuse

5. Drug Abuse

After going through these things I hope it has in more ways than one opened your mind to the possibilities. We do have that freedom to choose, but do we always make the right choices? I'll leave that up to you. For now XOXO.

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