Uncomfortable Feeling Today

Posted 4:23 PM by Mezhal Ulao in Labels:
I just have to write about this feeling today. Coming home from evening work, it just struck me as to how strangely quiet everything was. At first I said it was kinda peaceful and serene, but when I noticed that the birds weren't chirping or I dont hear or see any of the usual animals it started setting off alarms in my brain. It's like the quiet before the storm, like something is just around the corner and waiting to strike. I found myself texting people that I care about to be extra cautious today and sent my prayers just to ask for guidance and if something bad is just around the corner to channel whatever it is away. For now I just sit in my window looking out. Eerie is the feeling I get from this silence. The atmosphere is so silent, like a deceptive veil has been placed on our city and is waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting victims. Keep guard and keep watch everyone, hopefully this shall pass without any incidence. Always on the watch.

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