Lea's Zone: A Cash and Carry Must See

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I was browsing through the newly renovated mall of Cash and Carry in Makati City and I was surprised to see how much better it has become but what caught my attention was this little tiange (small vendors) especially one in particular - Lea's Zone. Lea's Zone offers a wide range of trinkets and jewelries ranging from semi precious stones to fresh water pearls. Some of which are set and ready to use while the others are customizable. Amazingly the prices of the products that this shop has to offer was quite reasonably cheap. Imagine, I got an agate bracelet for only Php150 giving me my much needed shine for my arms but also according to the shop's precious stone info is to protect me from getting sick and negative vibes. Aside from jewelry they also offer antique wood decorations and wall decors all of which are just as affordable and attractive. For all of you that get to read this and happens to pass this way I would really recommend for you to look and check out this fabulous little shop here in Cash and Carry. For your viewing pleasure, check out the fun slide show of the shop below:

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JD Cruz said...

Very nice tip.

Question: How do we insert the adsense code in between the posts? I'm having difficulty doing it. Thanks!

JD Cruz said...

follow up comment. I'm posting this to activate the feature that alerts me of your reply via email. Thanks!

Metz said...

Simply go to the layout portion of your blogspot and on the part where you blogs are positioned there should be an edit button. From there you should be able to see the option to insert the adsense in between posts. You can even choose the type of format and color blend to match your layout. Stay tuned cause I'll be featuring a series of tutorials about how to do these things within the next few days. Cheers

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