Myanmar aid workers still scarce

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It has been weeks since the tropical cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar last May 2 - 3, and yet still it is proving difficult to provide the much needed help to those needing help. The majority of the issues in delivering the much needed aid is do the lack of appropriate transportation that is capable of transporting the goods. The government of Myanmar only has 15 transport planes that can hardly carry the tons of food being donated and 40 aging helicopters of which many are non functional.

According to Richard Horsey, a spokesman for the UN humanitarian effort - "It's not about extra pairs of hands, there are special skills that are required" they need this in order to reach the millions of people suffering in the aftermath of this tropical monster. "The kind of expertise you need doesn't come overnight, and that's why we need the expatriates here" he said. Only those who have handled multiple disasters will be able to reach more people and work more efficiently and quickly.

Much of the needed aide ranges from temporary shelter to that of mental health and trauma counseling. But right now their main priority is safe and clean drinking water and getting it to them is close to an impossibility.

These people need a lot of support and caring hearts to send out much more than just the basic needs. Just like the Chinese people all the help they can get is most appreciated. And of course heartfelt prayers.

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