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I would like to share some pretty cool and inspirational blogs from a contributor Yeohski from his multiply site: Yeohski

Confessions of a sinner: Here's a little excerpt
The idea of penance is somewhat strange to me being a protestant. I believe that when you feel bad about something you first admit it to yourself that you did do something bad, and then you pray to God and hope that he does forgive you. Being the good God that he is, he usually does, but it’s up to you to learn from your mistakes and suffer the consequences of your actions.

I however got to think about the 7 cardinal sins. Well, because everyone can shamefully relate to all of them. I’m a writer, but never was I good at any formal essays that deal about religion –even I know that-, but I guess this is what I have to say.

my heart broke a little:
2 hours before i wrote this blog i was walking around muntinlupa thinking how hungry i felt, i rthen decided to try to eat at teh dreaded MINUTE BURGER. it was actually suprisingly the bread wasn't rock hard as i had expected it to be so i actually enjoyed it while sipping on the liquid they had decided to call iced tea.

when i had this my last bite a little girl, not older than 8 approached me and asked me to buy sampaguita. i said i didn't have any money anymore -which was the actual truth-, but then on the second time she asked me to buy sampaguita or her i could see desperation and hunger in her eyes. i felt myself tearing up. i gave her my half full cup of iced tea and asked her to go home. she politely said thanks.

i remember when i was in higschool and my dad came home and told me a story bout a little sampaguita girl still on the streets past 12midnight. my dad gave her food and money, then begged the little girl and her older brother to go home. i guess...

what i miss
i think it's been a year since i was actually in happy, healthy relationship.sadly i can only feel remnants of how that felt and only have hazy images in my head.

but it's all i think about sometimes.

and it's what keeps me optimistic.knowing that probably someday, someone will make me that content and happy.

my recent short lived relationships was probably a result of me craving for that same attention and care i've had but when i look back i was never really truly happy, even though at that point in time i would have thought i was.

you know what me realize this?

i love being maitim.

i love being kalbo.

i have to admit i was really apprehensive about getting my head shaved. most guys get heckled about it, and some really don't look good with it - i know a few-.

anyways here it goes.

Here's a little bit more about this talented writer:

hey im a fresh grad from ateneo, i work for convergys and model professionally.anywways im keeping my hopes up about some of my blogs, cause i think a lot of kids/young adults can relate to these journals.

I know you like what you've read and seen so to get to know more about this guy visit his site at: YEOHSKI



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