Feed A hungry child: All it takes is for you to play

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We have been a long standing supporter of human rights and the need to support kids in need. Now I want to give you the opportunity to share in the fight to end world hunger and promote abundance to our neighbors that have little or nothing at all to eat. The prices of commodities have gone up and its sad to see the tears in the faces of these kids and the frustration of the parents as they struggle to survive in today's society. We urge, even beg that you take a moment of your time to which is all it takes to feed those who suffer while many enjoy the benefits of eating three full meals a day. Support our cause all it takes is to simply participate in a word game to feed those in need.

Click on the banner below to start the game and to start giving food to those in need.
Help end world hunger

If you want to add these banners to help support this cause on your own site simply click on the link below:

Free Rice: Play and Feed a Hungry Person

In full support of uplifting human rights and feeding the hungry as well as in support of the UN World Food Program,

Join Us

Empty Streets

Your Support is more than appreciated - It is a blessing for all those that have received it.

We Pray that the message gets through. Cause the next hungry person if we dont act now could become you.

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Mariuca said...

ZAM ZAM ALAKAZAM! Thank you for joining us on another magical adventure, filled with love and luck! Your site has been added to the Master List at number 240. Pls update your list accordingly from the Master List, thank you very much and have a magical day! :)

Thanks Metz, can I call u that? ;) It's great to have u with us and that's such a sweet mention of GP here YAY! :)

Genie Princess

Empty Streets said...

:) Always a pleasure and yes you can call me Metz :) xoxo and do drop by as often as you can.

Mariuca said...

Oh no! I left my comment at the wrong post! He he!

Anyway, I have something for u! ;)

Empty Streets said...

heheh I loved the song soo eerie and yet hits the right note :)

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