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It's been a long search for a one stop shop for that would satisfy all my statistical queries about where my site stands amongst the vast ocean of big fishes and sharks. Finally, after hitting the right keywords I got to this site who by all rights is a Genie. From Page rank checking, back link tracking even Spider bot statistics, this website has been a fun wonderland. They also enabled me to understand terms that a novice like me would simply scratch our heads and say what the heck was that again... Me being a true advocate of learning through experience would like to share with you the things that I found most useful within this site and hopefully enable you to shed some light to things that you might have found rather puzzling in this fast growing technological era.

Web tools for your web site courtesy of
Search Engine Genie

Multi Sites Google Pagerank Checker
Google Back Link Checker
Future Page Rank Checker
Google Bot Last Accessed Date Checker Tool

Yahoo Back Link Checker

MSN Back Link Checker

Comparison and Statistics Tools
Back Link Checking
Page Comparision Tool
Google Yahoo Msn Rank Comparison Tool
Indexed Pages Checker
Back Link Checker
Web Page Size Checker Tool
Content To Code Ratio Test Tool
Spider test Tool
Return Of Investment Calculator
Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

Much of these tools have enabled us from Empty Streets to further rethink and restrategize how we go about our content while having fun at the same time. Creating a website/blog is like a little toy that we all love to tinker with as kids and to tell you frankly earning money as you go a long with it is just extra icing on a cake. And hopefully through this we get to share the blessings with all of yah...

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Empty Streets

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