China Leading for Gold Medal Ranking In Beijing 2008 Olympics

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Olympic Gold Medal Overall Rank Goes to China for today.

The overall ranking has the top two super powers of the Olympics head to head on the Olympic Gold medal ranking as follows with a stunning surprise from other nations that got into the top 10:

1. China - 13 Gold medals

2. USA - 7 Gold medals

3. Korea - 5 Gold medals

4. Italy - 3 Gold medals

5. AUS - 3 Gold medals

To get more of the Official Gold Medal Ranking list Simply click their website snapshot below:

I am still crossin my fingers and hoping that the Philippine Team brings home gold medal awards too. xoxo

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Mariuca said...

Hi Metz! I'm hoping Malaysia will bring home some medals too. Good luck to us! ;)

Empty Streets said...

Hey Genie Princess, Yah I hope the malaysian team gets to bring home gold too. What sporting event do you think the Malaysians excel in? for the philippines it's been boxing :)

Empty Streets said...

It's still job hunting season for me today hehehe. I pray for a good day today :)

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