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Tracking down and looking for software to use for my Vista64X has been a pain the A$# pardon my language but thankfully enough there are sites that truly cater to the consumer's true needs. is one of those sites. They provided me with the freeware I needed such as anti virus programs, anti spyware, registry cleaners (god knows how hard it is to find one that wont crash my vista program), and of course my favorite application of all Limewire. Coolest thing about this site is they also frequently publish updates and fixes for all of their softwares and now you can even download their personal program that will ensure that your software is upto date. Without any further introductions needed I definitely recommend to take time to come and visit their site. It is definitely something you wont regret but will regret if you dont ;). More tech sites to come. XOXO

PS. This is a torrent free site, makes it even better ;)

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