Introducing: Mr Tiger our wonder cat

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It's been a long time coming and a lot of my friends have been asking for Mr. Tiger our Cute little English tabby. Right here captured lazyily mopping around in bed as always in the afternoon. He's been with us since he was a little kitty barely able to open his eyes as his mom passed away before she could take care of it. My Sister Nash wa the one left tasked to take care of the little wonder. Since then it has always been part of the family and amazingly enough doesnt even mingle with other cats only with people. Will tell you all more about our Mr. Tiger as we go along for the meantime enjoy his lazy cuteness.

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LadyJava said...

Ohhh he's gorgeous!!

Empty Streets said...

Hehehe am glad you like him :) do you have a cat too LJ??

Empty Streets said...

ooohhh i found your cat while adding your links to my site link list hehehe he's so fluffily cute :)

Mariuca said...

OMG Metz, LJ has like 6 cats!!!

Oh Mr. Tiger is a cutie! He looks clever too, any brother or sis for Mr. Tiger soon? :):):)

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz, dropping my EC here today. You busy baking cookies? ;)

Empty Streets said...

Hehehehe it seems that his brother is going to be a shi tzu doggie heheehe. Crossing fingers that they get along.

OMG 6 Cats wow!!! heheheeh that am speachless

Cookies hmmm i just made an egg nog cookie for fun and will post it up and show how it's made plus a bonus choco chip cookie extravaganza hehehe :)

Mariuca said...

Hola Metz, thanks for dropping by today. I've just added ur blog to both my blogrolls at Mariuca and MPG Yay! Thanks for always visiting and leaving me comments! :):):)

Empty Streets said...

Yayyy thanks so much GP Marzie hehe you truly are the best Genie Princess in the world. xoxo

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