A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

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Another award from a dear friend http://housewifeatwork.blogspot.com/ sent this wonderful Award for me and just as with tradition I would like to pass it on to others as symbol of good faith and friendship, . Thanks so much and I hope you carry this like a torch and spread the love to all of your blogging friends.

Take care always.

So to those that I value as wonderful blogging friends here is my award for you. :)

2. Bloggista.com who for some amazing reason has risen rather quickly to becoming the best referrer in the land. (The prize is still up for grabs :)

3. Badeeapparel for being the best place to get stuff for badminton and more.

4. GC Travel and Tours for providing the best travel and tour packages for the Philippines.

5. Still Waters my sister who has always strived to be the best in writing her poetic prose and poetries.

6. Ian for being a constant source of inspiration and much more.
So for now Let's all sit down and let's talk awhile my friends. Either here or through email. warm hugs and kissses to all.

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bloggista said...

Wow - thanks for the tag! :-) I do visit your blog as often as I can despite busy skeds and little time - it's just great a feelin meeting new friends around here.

Let me try doing this tag.

Empty Streets said...

:) hehehe I do enjoy your blogs just as much as gaining a friend fellow blogger like you as well :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me with this award and YES, I've already received this one, but I love the fact that this one came from you. Thanks again YAY! :):):)

Empty Streets said...

:) heheh am so glad you liked it marzie. btw did you get to see mr tiger?? :) he's so waiting to meet you here :)

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