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I love going around using my laptop and surfing the net is definitely a must for all techno enthusiasts. However, we do have to admit that we also place our most precious little partner at risk of infection and costing us time and data. To help you guys out here are 4 easy tips to ensure that you have your assets covered.

1. Turn on your firewall. - this ensures that your computer is protected from hackers who might try to delete, destroy or worse crash and trash your computer and steal data while they're at it.

2. Ensure that your OS (operating system) is upto date. - doing this enables you to keep improving your systems and ensures that all possible security issues your system may have had in the past is being patched up as you go along. Most especially against any new virus strains that may be spreading across the world wide web.

3. Use updated antivirus softwares - Nothing hurts more than being trashed by a nasty bug. Much worse than getting a human cold. For it not only destroys data it even destroys your computer. Ensuring that you are well covered is a definite must and obtaining an anti virus software that is constantly updating their files and data logs is what you have to consider most when choosing.
4. Updated antispyware - the trickiest of the bunch, always pretending to be something that it's not and once it gets into your system. like the trojan horse of ancient times your fortress is left in ruins. Only way to catch em is before they hit. So constantly updating and ensuring you have the best protection is truly necessary.

To help you find and choose the best softwares check out our previous article about

Remember it is definitely always much better to keep safe than to be sorry afterwards. Till the next time xoxo

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