Step by Step Guide to Upgrading Acer Aspire One From SSD to HD

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Only For those that are brave enough to tinker and modify their little baby should you do what you are about to see here. But The result is definitely a much more powerful machine worth much more than than what you have paid for. Keep in mind that the Video Author TankGirl is an expert electronic technician and knows exactly what she is doing. I have to admit though that hey step by step intructional video here is definitely easy to understand and if you really were to proceed is easy to follow. Good luck and God speed to all you that would try this out. :)

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Anonymous said...

My name is Giuseppe and I am writing to you because I have a couple of questions:
1- Can I buy a faster ssd hd and change it with the one inside the acer?
2- If I buy a 1.8 inch HD can I just connect it directly like you just did in the video?
Bye and sorry for my English.
By the Way BUON NATALE :D (Merry Christmas)

Anonymous said...

I have tried with 2 different 1.8" HDD 100% operational but it didn't work for me, I've installed XP on the SSD and it's killing slow with 1.5 GB RAM, I am back to linpus.


Empty Streets said...

Hi DK,

I am grateful for your feedback. I have to admit that Linpus is definitely still more suitable for the netbooks with less memory capabilities. The Intel atom chip too has its limits :)

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