Wall.E: The most lovable bot in the 21st century

Posted 10:57 PM by Mezhal Ulao in Labels:
I cant wait to watch this movie showing across the nation on August 13, 2008. We have two days to go. :) IMax theater would be the best place to watch this incredible tike :) See you all there


Empty Streets

PS. There is an erratum in the reports that we wish to apologize for, based on a feedback from a reader Joanne it won't be showing in IMAX theatres huhuhu, but that is fine as long as I get to see Wall.E and that cute cleaner bot MO :) Keep posted.

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Joanne said...

Just called IMAX, says they're not showing it there. Only on regular cinemas.

Empty Streets said...

Awww, but that is what they had promised last time huhuhu. Thanks for the update.

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