Wizcat For Protection, Blessing and Inspiration

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Cats have long been a part of magical society, even in the ancient times. They have demonstrated a lot of finesse and mystery as well as charm. What many don't know is that they possess something inside that only the masters of these little wonders can attest to. It is in this that they bring not only happy feelings, but also inspiration to those that own them.

In the internet world there are many that have demonstrated similar qualities and it is to these people that I send my Wizcat to bless, protect and of course inspire. Only thing left now is to send Wizcat along and see how far he goes on this journey to help those that have helped others along the way.

Wizcat would like to do all this for the following people:
1. Mariuca
2. Crissy
3. Lady Java
4. Makoy
5. j o s h u a o n g y s
6. Nash

Keep Wizcat in your site and dont forget to send him to 6 people that have inspired you along the way. Dont forget to send him home to me and to the one who sent him by linking him back. Have a magical journey. In time Wizcat will be able to stretch his magical powers to much much more. All we have to do is believe and help him out a bit on his quest to help others too...

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Mariuca said...

Meow meow!! Thanks for tagging me with this adorable tag Metz! I'll have to put it all together with the rest of my memes yeah but hope to get it out soon! Have a great weekend! :)

Empty Streets said...

hehehehe, am so glad that you like it. will be posting my Tiger cat soon as he is so eager to get known. :) Purrrrr. :)

LadyJava said...

Hello there..
Thanks for your email to me and this is great.. I'm waaaaayyyyyy behind in my tags and but will definitely get this up as soon as possible :)

Thanks for thinking of me :)

Empty Streets said...

You are more than welcome LJ, and it was something well meant :) am glad that you liked it too. Have a happy and stress free Saturday... :) GP reminded me of the Laundry I had to do today huhuhu it's a mini hilltop right now :-P

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