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Finally now I get to sit down and finish what I have to finish at least with this one for now then my over due memes and tags tomorrow evening :). So for now I have something for a special friend B, which is short for Bloggista.

On his corner of the world he has asked to create a definition for the word Bloggista and it had to be a noun. So here is what I have come up with and I do hope you like it B :)

Bloggista (noun) - A Filipino who is witty, talented, tech savy, and with a dash of personality that has a knack for self expression through a medium globally known as "Blogs". A person affiliated to the word would mean that you and others like you are the best in the biz and of course a Proud Pinoy.

So just to demonstrate it's usage B, You are a bloggista in every essence of the word and you truly are a blogging authority in your own rite.

Keep it up Bro and Carry our Philippine Flag with Pride ;)

PS. to my friends and readers do tell me what you think about this definition and if you can do help me use this in more sentences :) I would love to see how you would do it :)

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Empty Streets said...

I need your support and help to win this contest :) Your comments and feedback would be most appreciated and most importantly loved to death hehehe :) tell me what you guys think of this one :)

bloggista said...

Hi Metz! So honored that you've joined this Contest! The prizes are not that grand - but the winner gets to receive 100USd, plus a 1.5 Terrabyte of Hosting space with a Free domain (you can host unlimited domains with this one bec aside from a big disk space, you get 15 Terrabytes of monthly bandwidht!), plus more stuff. The 9 finalists will receive each USd10.00 (that's comparable to doing a Smorty/socialspark paid post :-) plus more. Goodluck my friend! :-)

Miss Elle said...

nice definition. good luck sis! :)

Empty Streets said...

hehe thanks B, :) I would definitely love to see what happens next :)

Empty Streets said...

aww thanks so much Miss elle hehehe ;) lots of love deary :)

Kim said...

a fantastic definition Metz....
I love your new look blog too and your dolly looks terrific at the top :)
have a great day :)

LadyJava said...

Good luck Metz!!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks so much for the support. I really need the cheers hehehe especially since I went through a scary situation with my bloggy last sunday. whew :)

Empty Streets said...

aww thanks so much LJ :) i appreciate all the support I can get :)

Mariuca said...

Hola Metz! I have a very special award for you, congrats!

Empty Streets said...

Marzie you always come at times that I feel so under the weather and turn my day around. Thanks so much dear :)

Monica said...

GOOD LUCK Metz!!! ;-)

Empty Streets said...

aww thanks so much Monica hehehe I want the $100 so i can spread some more goodies as I go along the way :) hehehe

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