bX-994eaq: Error in uploading new template

Posted 4:09 AM by Mezhal Ulao in Labels:
I have to apologize to all my supporters and readers but I am currently experiencing this error: bX-994eaq in uploading my new template. Please bear with me as Google and Blogger help me clear this mess up and get empty streets back up and running hopefully better than before.

Till we get it fixed. XOXO
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bloggista said...

wow, nice grooming. The reason why I stopped blogging using blogspot is I dont know how to change my templates. Hehehe

Empty Streets said...

hehehe. I have to admit playing around with XML Scripts can be quite a challenge but working with Bloggers too has it's ups and downs. I was contemplating of transferring to wordpress but Google has been treating me so well even when i encounter issues with my templates. I even get instant fixes, so I guess am not complaining much hehehehe.

Mariuca said...

Good luck Metz! It must be frustrating to experience this error here, but once u get it fixed, you can truly enjoy ur new look! :):):)

Empty Streets said...

Thanks Marzie. It really was so frustrating, huhuhuhu. But now am happy and smiling that everything is working nice :) one thing i have found that is weird is that My webby works fine and loads pretty fast on Firefox 3 and on Google Chrome. IE loads up pretty slowly if not hangs huhuhuhu. I wonder if Microsoft has a fix for that issue :)

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