Empty Streets August Awards: Crystal Rose Award

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It is that time of the Month to Award those that have become remarkably special to Empty Streets. From our top referrers to the top Entrecard droppers for the whole Month of August.

Here are at Empty Streets we held a month long Contest for the best referrer using the eReferrer tool. The best referrer is getting 2000 EC points and second placer get 750 points. And now the award for best referrer for the Month of August is:

1st Place: Bloggista.com
2nd Place: Mariuca's Perfume Gallery

Congratulations to the both of you and it is very well deserved. I'll be sending to both of you your respective EC credits and both of you will have a permanent spot on Empty Streets till Feb 2009. Please allow me till this weekend to complete the setup and awarding of points.

I would also like to acknowledge the following for being on the top ten EC droppers for Empty Streets for the Month of August. Please take time to vist these interesting people and their sites.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Empty Streets is forever grateful. Till the next run. xoxo

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LadyJava said...

Thank you so much!!! I love the rose :)

Thanks for your drops too!!

Acakadut said...

great. 1 spot for me next month :D

Empty Streets said...

your welcome LJ :) hehehe

Acakudut I'd definitely love to do a banner exchange or link love for yah. Keep coming back for more. :) xoxo

Bizphere said...

wow! thanks for the banner display on this post and for the link love as well.

Happy blogging and EntreDropping.

Miss Elle said...

oh this is the one you mentioned. i have encountered these in so many blogs but i haven't given much time to actually read about it.

and it was bloggista whom i actually asked about it but unfortunately he wasnt much of a big help. *he knows it anyway* LOL

but i'll check it out dear. thanks. :)

Empty Streets said...

Your always welcome Bizphere :) the pleasure is always mine :)

Miss Elle yah Entrecard is a pretty cool site that helps promote and increase site traffic. :) I'll do a write up about Entrecard in a few days to help you out :)

Mariuca said...

Oh yay!!! I won I won!! Thanks so much Metz, I love the rose too, so unique and sweet! Can't believe MPG won woo hoo!!

And hey, I see both my blogs in ur Top 10 Dropper list! So glad to see that ur connection is back, and now u can catch up on blogging and dropping! Have a great Wed! :):):)

bloggista said...

Aw, my comment was sucked up by the blackhole in cyberspace. Hehe, anyways, thanks a lot bro for the Award! I think it worked both ways - you left a comment on my blog, curious people who are bored reading my posts clicked on your link, so that's where most of the traffic came from (your comment on Ubuntu post).

Its a testament that visiting and commenting on other blogs really help in generating those extra traffics. Thank you uli!

Btw, @MS Elle, I thought you told me you were not interested with Entrecard. Hehe, or perhaps my usual poorly written posts on Entrecard that I asked you to read bored you to death. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow. that's a very pretty looking award. congrats.

Empty Streets said...

Hey marzie

Thank you so much, in arabic shukran :) heheh Yah your also on the top commenter for ES too :) Right now am planning where to position your MPG banner along with Bloggista and by this weekend it should be up and running. There will be of course many more contests and prizes along the way :)

Empty Streets said...

hehehehe... Bloggista your comments always love the mix of serious humor going on over there :) hehehe but yes i do agree with you, the power of leaving comments on other blogs do their share in blog marketing aside from the usual viral marketing stuff that mainly targets Page Rank does. :) Miss Elle you should really consider joining entrecard, it's fun, easy and most of all it's an experience you'll never forget hehehe.

Empty Streets said...

Am so glad that so many of you liked the rose. Will try to push the awarding standards as we go along and of course more contests and prizes as well. :) I love you all guys seriously :)

Empty Streets said...


thanks for dropping by and loving the flower. Will be zipping to your part of town in a jiffy, hope you drop by more often and leave us a note or two :-) xoxo

Mariuca said...

Metz! I see MPG here ha ha ha! YAY! Love my position and the lovely rose is currently right next to it woo hoo! Am gonna make myself at home now LOL! :):):)

bloggista said...

Hi Metz - here's the link to my entrecard profile --> http://entrecard.com/details/35170 .

Btw, can I use your Rose image in one of my future articles? Planning to do some linky loving posts and will include those blogs who are very generous to Bloggista lately, including Empty Streets - and brag (just a little - LOL) of the award I got.

Empty Streets said...

AM glad you liked the position GP Marzie :) heheh

Bloggista you can use the rose to spread some link love :) it would be an honor :)

bloggista said...

HI, I have made a post and used the Rose as Image. :-) Thanks!

Empty Streets said...

Yayyy thanks so much Bloggista checking it out now :)

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