Empty Streets Back Online

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Whew! almost done with the reformatting but still have a couple more tweaking to do. got tired but will soon be fully operational but tomorrow night. Hang tight till then. xoxo
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LadyJava said...

Looking good.. keep it up ;)

Empty Streets said...

thanks LJ, But i almost cried last night due to the errors i was encountering when i encoded the new template. Was so happy that it is turning out well :)

LadyJava said...

I know the feeling Metz.. but it's coming along nicely so that should be a great feeling :)

Empty Streets said...

It was really quite a scare to be honest. I finally got to breathe a sigh or relief today now that everything is pretty much back to normal. Now i can finally start focusing on articles :) yayyyy. :) and I have to see how I can get me one of those RSS Dolls that you and Marzie have. Am so jelly hehehe

bonoriau said...

Look different. Nicer. Thanks for the linky love.

Empty Streets said...

Your always welcome Bono :) like I mentioned before am an admirer of your writing and your blog :)

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