Entrecard in Deep Waters: What can we do to help?

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I have to admit after reading this news from friends Bloggista and Bono I was shocked as I am sure that many more who use this service and are now comfortable with it are going to be a bit uneasy.

Many of the problems lie in the fact that Entrecard has failed to anticipate the huge influx of service users and the continuous need for maintenance and support. To do that for millions of bloggers across the globe requires a humongous amount of resources and a dedicated staff but unfortunately this has always been a one man show for the most part.

One thing is that nothing is definite according to Graham but if ever he does end up selling entrecard it would be to a group that would be responsible enough to keep it going and this time going for the better and ensuring that history doesn't repeat itself.

I speak about this in totality not only to inform but to ask all of those that use it such I, the question that Graham may be too shy to ask from us.

Is there anything that we the users of this service can do to help Entrecard out of this predicament? In more ways than one we all owe Entrecard for the support and the revolution it has started that has inadvertently helped us out in more ways than we had expected. You can't deny the income, the traffic, the quality of readers and more importantly the friendships formed and found because of this incredible revolutionary blogging service. this is truly something we all have to ask ourselves and help spread the word around. Entrecard needs help but are we ready to give it the help they need?

For those that have just gotten wind of this service here is a video of what got me started on the bandwagon of Entrecard :)

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Mariuca said...

Hey Metz, looks like EC is no longer for sale YAY! :D

Empty Streets said...

Really awww See Marzie you always are the bringer of good news thanks so much :)

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