Google Chrome, Firefox's nightmare?

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This is definitely something that had to be next for Internet Mogul Giant Google. After aquiring Feedburner now they are up to compete with Firefox 3 to gain market share on web browsers. With several features similar to Firefox 3 such as the FastDial screen which allows you to save your favorite websites in several quick dial like windows in a particular page plus of course the power of their vast tested Google toolbar what is there left to do?

I have to admit Google Chrome Web Browser looks pretty cool on it's own with a slick silver chrome finish (much to it's name) and Opera like Tab browsing and their much overused Google Toolbar functionalities this is definitely going to be a web power punch you wouldn't want to miss.

So for those that want to try out this extra savy Google Chrome browser and test drive it along the internet high way simply click the link below.

To Download Google Chrome Simply Click here.

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Empty Streets said...

It’s now the second day for me testing out the Google Chrome, even wrote an article about it and where to download this thing. Right now all i can say is that i works fine just as long as you wont open too many tabs otherwise it’ll crash on yah. that’s a thumbs up for Firefox 3. Another bug i have noticed is the crashing of flash and shockwave files. Guess Google still has a lot of tweaking and bugs to work out before it can truly compete with Firefox 3. But overall feel and it’s simplistic layout can be quite catchy :)

bloggista said...

So true, my guess is that Google Chrome will overtake Firefox probably in about two years. :-)

Empty Streets said...

Hmm I wonder though if there is going to be any web company that can compete with the sudden ever increasing market power of google. They are in more ways than one gaining monopoly of the Internet industry :) From a simple search engine to a powerful information and software developer. Where do you think it'll end?

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi metz! i was just asking you what is google chrome at my blog! now i know! thanks for the explanation! ;)

Empty Streets said...

hehehe Your welcome dear. You know you can always holler if you need help with anything ;)

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