I've been infiltrated by www.clkr.com

Posted 6:06 PM by Mezhal Ulao in
I have been trying to isolate the problem and to be honest it is annoying. I dont know how they got into my system so without further delay I may have to redo the entire layout of my site just to protect my users and visitors. I know that I have done some major remodeling and it may take a day or so to place everything back as it was or probably even better.
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LadyJava said...

Infiltrated? How did that happen? And how do you know??

Mariuca said...

Hi Metz, hope u get things back on track soon! I too just gave MPG a makeover woo hoo! :D

Empty Streets said...

Wow that sounds like fun Marzie. It wont take long though since i have made most of the necessary changes this morning and the rest will be added on as I go along

LJ it was horrible to be honest. When I opened my blog a pop up kept on appearing asking me to log into www.clkr.com and I couldn't find where it was coming from. I even checked out the site and it's in pure korean. It was a nightmare. huhuhu good thing I had a back up plan but this was a change I was planning to make after 6 months. Oh well :) no more major add on and I will have to monitor the widgets I place as I go along.

LadyJava said...

Oh wow Metz.. does sound like a nightmare.. but I don't see it when I come over to your blog.. you sure it's not just some spyware in your pc??

bonoriau said...

It also happen to me few times..but I consider as experience...and I always will learn something new when solving the problem. Thanks for linky love ..you can use http://bonotravel.blogspot.com so the list will update accordingly.

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Metz! Didn't see it either, maybe by the time I came you have figured it out. Lately, I noticed there are a lot of pop-ups in blogspot blogs. At first there are a few, but then they're everywhere so I have to turn on my pop-up blocker.

Empty Streets said...

HI Guys,

I was lucky to have noticed that pop up early morning Sunday so luckily noone got affected by it :) but it was weird because it was not an ordinary pop up. It was a login pop up asking for the user's email address and password. It was really crazy. I hope that blogger finds a way to scan for these things oh well :)

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